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Foundation Cracks

Most foundation cracks are minor and can be caused by some settlement of the home. It is rare that we find a home without any foundation cracks during a home inspection.

Cracks in the foundation are usually a sign of slight movement, but they can be signs of some larger problems. There is always a risk that a foundation crack below grade may eventually leak.

It is important to let a foundation specialist determine the cause of the cracking and the best remedy.


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Plumbing Problems

Plumbing, like electrical is usually an easy fix. The problem is that most plumbing is hidden behind finishes (ceilings, walls, floors...) which need to be ripped out and replaced to access. Undetected leaks can lead to even bigger problems like mould issues.

Any leaks that are detected during an inspection need to be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.


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Roof Leaks

Some roof leaks can be hard to pinpoint, especially on flat roofs. Some roofs look great, and leak like a sieve, and some roofs look completely worn and are water tight. Always beware of patch work on roofs as this is almost always a sign of ongoing problems. Damage from roof leaks can be very expensive.

Home owners should never wait until a roof leaks before replacing it.


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Vermiculite Insulation - What's the issue?

Vermiculite is a volcanic material that expands when it is heated to form tiny accordion-like pieces. It has good insulating properties and is extremely fire resistant and has been around for more than 85 years. The issue with vermiculite insulation is not the insulation itself, but where it comes from. A vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana (closed since 1990) produced 70% of the world's vermiculite. The problem is, this mine in Libby had a large natural deposit of tremolite asbestos (A highly dangerous kind) which contaminated the vermiculite mined there.

 Dust from disturbing the vermiculite can be breathed in, lodging tiny asbestos fibers deep into our lung tissues. Records show 1/10th of all vermiculite produced in Libby as coming to Canada as either Zonolite by either W.R. Grace Canada or F. Hyde and Co., with as many as 300,000 homes having vermiculite insulation. From 1977-the mid 1980's the Canadian Home Insulation Program (C.H.I.PS) were giving government grants to people adding extra insulation with vermiculite being popular as homeowners can "open and spread" the insulation themselves.

The C.M.H.C. states that, left alone, it presents no danger if it is not disturbed... but what about renovations? Older homes may need a bathroom fan installed or opening a wall can allow it to enter your living space. Typically, removing this asbestos laden insulation is very expensive and should only be undertaken by qualified individuals who will effectively seal your home to ensure there is no contamination when removing it. Typically, someone will take at least 3 samples from as deep down as possible (because the asbestos fibers settle after time) DO NOT DISTURB THE INSULATION YOURSELF. Particles can stay airborne for over a week and be breathed in by you and your family.

If you have some in your attic, we recommend getting it tested properly.


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Electrical Issues

Electrical issues that we come across during inspections are the most common and usually the easiest to fix. The reason why they are so high in importance is because of the safety issues they represent.

Shock hazards can be serious and even fatal if the current is strong enough as well as fire hazards from burnt wiring and arcing.


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Structural Concerns

Structural defects can be a big issue because they can be one of the hardest and most expensive to fix. Structural modifications and corrections to structural defects should only be performed by licensed professionals with documentation of the work that was performed.

Beware of any structural tampering by a home owner or other non professionals.


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Iron Ochre

Iron Ochre can be either a chemical reaction, a biological process or even both at the same time. It can clog french drains, possibly letting water enter your basement.

Look for reddish orange sludge in the sump pit and in the outside ditches.


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